We are bombarded with the sad statistics and sometimes overwhelming realities of veterans including PTSD, Depression, Addiction, Domestic Violence, TBI and Suicide. Veterans and their families struggle with these seemingly insurmountable obstacles when returning to civilian life.

The Veterans Make A Wish ProjectTN is all about recognizing the contribution of veterans and their families by granting special wishes. Join us in our journey of hope.

Can you make a Veteran’s dream come true? Has a veteran changed your life or the lives of others? If so, send us your veteran nominee via e-mail or fax. Please include their wish and a one page summary about the veteran.

The wish can be as magical as taking a family to Disneyland, or traveling to visit a relative or as practical as a house cleaning, house painting or providing a mode of transportation, or a pet. A dream fulfilled, a hope realized is small thanks for the contributions and sacrifices made by veterans and their families.

We welcome all American Legion and VFW Posts to submit their nominees. We also invite the public to submit their nominations. Please include the veteran’s and your contact information. We hope to grant as many wishes as possible this year and appreciate the donations and contributions of our supporters. F.Y.I. all donations and contributions be used to fund wishes

To submit a nominee send us an e-mail us at vetswish@gmail.com.

The preparations for implementation of the Veterans Make A Wish ProjectTN (501(c) (3) are underway.

Cloyce Kelly,
Captain USMC
Bronze Star, Vietnam
Dave Miller,
Corporal, USMC
Purple Heart, Vietnam

C. Dempsey
Sergeant, USMC and US Army
Bronze Star, Commendation of Valor

G. Roger Williams
Veteran's Make a Wish ProjectTN